Notes from a very small island


This journal is, well, Mostly Friends Only. For the most part, I've kept the personal stuff f-locked and left the impersonal (reviews and things) public. However, if you comment here, it is very likely that I will add you!

Stargazy lives in Dublin, Ireland with her family, her guinea pigs and her tortoise. She likes to spend her time playing music, and is currently studying music in college. She also likes to go on the internet, watch DVDs, draw, and indulge in various fandoms.

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Doctor Who Completion Banners!
Very much a work in progress, but getting there! Just how well I'm doing is recorded here.
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Jonathan Creek is 'Mop-Haired Magic Geek' Love

Stephen Fry is Charming Intellectual Love

Dr Who is clever cheeky love

The Daleks are evil "space dustbin" hate love

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